Welcome to OQTA

“How is he doing?”
When you remember someone you love, where will the feeling go?
Every day many feelings and thoughts float into your mind and fade away. OQTA helps you give shape to those feelings and send them off to the person you love. With a one-second sound.

When and where to use OQTA

Whenever you think about someone you love.

When you happen to remember someone precious to you.
“How is he?”
“What is she doing now?”
“I’m grateful to her.”
“I miss him.”
All of these thoughts come from your warm heart. Whenever it is, wherever you are, and no matter how many times you want, give shape to those feelings and send them to the person you love.

What does OQTA do?

OQTA delivers your love to someone precious to you with a one-second sound.

Where do words come from, and where do they go? Sometimes you might be too busy or hesitant to express your feelings for someone. OQTA transforms any feelings or words coming to your mind into a one-second sound and delivers them to the receiver. Let’s send off your genuine love with OQTA.

Characteristics of the service


Only eight people

If you become a receiver of sounds, you’ll always feel that someone is thinking about you. Choose a maximum of eight people you love. Those eight people will become the senders of sounds only for you. They could be your family, your friends, or whoever you miss. OQTA provides one-way communication that gives you a sense of being connected with those people.


Someone is thinking of someone else.

OQTA rings for the receivers even when they never think about it. It never tells them who of the eight people the sender of each sound is. This system makes it easier for both the senders and the receivers to keep using OQTA without any stress. It is a gift you can send every day, which lets the receiver know that all the eight people think about him/her at any time.


A sound: a new way of communication

Even when you have nothing special to tell someone you love, with OQTA you can tell them you’re remembering the person using a one-second sound. And what the sound means depends on its receiver’s imagination.

We love OQTA

Here are what OQTA users had to say. They are all enjoying their lives with OQTA in many different occasions, no matter how old and where they are.

  • “After I started living abroad, I got tired from my life filled with foreign languages and often became pessimistic. However, when OQTA rang, I felt my close friends and family were nearby. OQTA sometimes relaxes me, and sometimes encourages me.”

    Mariko Ikeda (30s, office worker)

  • “I love OQTA. I’m just in love with its concept. It feels nice to send my feelings to my family and friends living away from me with a one-second sound whenever I remember them.”

    Laura Gomez (20s, exchange student)

  • “My daughter and I tap the thumbnail when we remember my mom, and then she replies to us ‘Thank you’ via e-mail. A quick communication through OQTA makes us feel we’re more connected than ever.

    Emi Iguchi (30s, homemaker)