Welcome to OQTA

“How’s he/she doing?”
When you think of someone you love, where will the feelings for the person go?
They pop into your head, and then disappear.。
Why don’t you deliver your heart to the person, using one-second sounds?

When and where to use OQTA

Whenever you think of the person you love

“How are you?”
“What are you doing now?”
“Thank you as always.”
“I miss you.”
All of these thoughts come from your warm heart. Whenever it is, wherever you are, and no matter how many times you want, send those feelings to the person you love.

What is OQTA?

Easy, simple communication tool
All you have to do is tap a button.

OQTA helps you keep connected with people you love anytime.

How does OQTA work?

For example:

  • When you wonder
    how your grandma is doing,

  • Tap her icon on the dedicated
    smartphone app

  • The connected cuckoo clock
    makes a sound

  • Let your grandma know
    someone is thinking of her

Product Info

OQTA Basic

OQTA Clock

Simple and stylish. Authentic wooden cuckoo clock made by RHYTHM WATCH CO., LTD.
The handcrafted bellows made of washi (traditional Japanese paper) create relaxing cuckoo sounds.
Send love with this lovely “cuckoo.”

Predetermined price:$298.00(tax included)

Supported OS: iOS 10.0 or later, Android 4.0.3 or later
【In the package】
OQTA Clock / AC adaptor / User’s Guide

*Note that design and features are subject to change without notice.

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OQTA Basic

OQTA Basic

With OQTA you can send nonverbal messages to your friends or family living away from you.
Once you download the dedicated app OQTA and link your OQTA Basic (a receiving device) to your smartphone, you’re ready to use our service.
Start a new way to communicate with your special one, only using sounds!

$49.00(tax included)

Supported OS: iOS 10.0 or later, Android 4.0.3 or later
【In the package】
OQTA Basic (Black) / OQTA Core (Wi-Fi ver.) / AC adaptor / User’s Guide

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What Makes OQTA Unique?

OQTA is created with only what’s necessary.


Just tap a button and a sound will be sent.
OQTA makes communication simple.

No more struggle to look for words.
With OQTA you can stay in touch with anyone you care about by just tapping a button.


One-way communication

In OQTA you can’t reply to the sender of sounds.
OQTA will never bother you to reply or wait for a reply.
“Close but not too close” is a key to healthy relationships.


Up to eight people

“Cuckoo” from only the people that
matter is more than just a sound.
It reminds you that you have amazing people who do care about you.


Anonymity makes you imaginative

When you hear a sound, you can’t tell who of your circle members sent the sound.
Imagining who sent you the sound will make you happier than you think.

How Do You Like OQTA?

  • Yoko Kimoto (30s, Tokyo)

    “Now it’s part of our everyday lives”

    I gave one to my 93 y-o grandma and we (her grandchildren and great-grandchildren) send her sounds every day. It seems the “cuckoo” sound reminds her of us. She looks happy when she hears it.
    I think we can think of each other more deeply through this nonverbal communication. OQTA brings people living far away closer. The more you use it, the more meaningful the sound becomes.

  • Toshiaki Okazaki (50s, Germany)

    “It enabled me to express affections words couldn’t describe”

    I called her today. She’s 86. She hadn’t taken a walk for a while, but she told me she’d walked every day since I gave her an OQTA clock. She said she felt as if I told her to walk when she heard her OQTA call.
    OQTA is a great invention. It enabled me to express affections words couldn’t describe. I want more people to try this product.

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OQTA smartphone application

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